Tales of Resilience

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Tales of Resilience is a collection of sixteen tales, with a User Guide, targeting children aged 4-12 dealing with important psychosocial problems
Each tale, written with accuracy, elegance, and style by Gérald Lajoie, M.Ps., retired psychologist from the Centre jeunesse de Montréal – Institut universitaire (Montreal Youth Center—University Institute), and magnificiently illustrated by Alexandra Le Corné, touches on one or several painful situations experienced by children in great difficulty, such as rejection, angst, separation anxiety, negligence, abuse, uprooting, abandonment, negative identity, low self-esteem, gang recruitment, parental substance abuse, etc.

"Tales of Resilience" is a collection that has proven to be a precious tool to be used to break a communication impass between a child and his psychologist, social worker, psychoeducator, teacher, parent, or tutor, to create an access to the child’s inner world, and incite him/her to talk about the situation(s) that may be disturbing or upsetting.
These "Tales of Resilience" were conceived to be read by or with the help of a person of significance to the child, in the context of a one-on-one intervention. The tales can also serve as a training tool for professionals or as a support for parents. The collection of tales―including the User Guide―is presented in a hardbound case.



Author : Lajoie, Gérald
Édition 2017