The ABC’s of Videofluoroscopy of Swallowing (DVD)

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The Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal dysphagia team is proud to present the ABCs of videofluoroscopy of swallowing. This project is the result of expertise the team has been developing since the mid 1980s. Our team has taken a keen interest in dysphagia and is delighted to share the latest breakthroughs in this field with fellow health professionals. The DVD project began as a request from a university searching for a teaching tool on videofluoroscopic evaluations of swallowing. The project grew steadily as we began to realize the extent to which other health professionals were interested in this field. It goes without saying that the impressive database we had created over the last twenty years was invaluable as we were able to refer to a wide range of clinical cases as examples. (also available in french).

For health professionals interested in the dysphagia field.

Duration : 141 min.


Authors :

  • Michel Sanscartier 
  • Nathalie Blouin 
  • Francine Belisle 
  • Jean Laperrière